KCC vs. Morton College 03/19/2024

Date: 03/19/2024

The Kankakee Community College Cavaliers used a strong first inning to defeat the Morton College Panthers 22-7 Tuesday afternoon in NJCAA Region IV play.

After the Cavaliers held the Panthers to a scoreless first inning, Cole Freeman hit a single to give the Cavaliers a strong start in the bottom of the first inning. Curtis McKay walked to load the bases for KCC early in the inning, before a double from Tyler Thompson brought Freeman and McKay home to put the Cavaliers up 2-0.

Amarion Paxton matched the double to give KCC a 4-point lead, before coming home to make the score 5-0. Dylan Coty hit a triple to bring Nate King and Freeman home, before McKay completed the play with a single that put KCC up 9-0.

After two outs, the Panthers managed to load the bases before KCC pitcher Kaleb Waller struck out a final Morton batter to carry the Cavs’ nine-point lead into the bottom of the second inning.

Nolan McCrossin hit a single to kick the second inning off for the Cavs. Amarion Paxton and Chris Suchowski both walked to load the bases. McCrossin scored; and Paxton and Suchoski made it home on a double from Freeman to put the Cavaliers ahead 12-0 to close out the second.

Morton responded with two runs in the third inning, but it would not be enough to narrow KCC’s lead.

McKay walked to first and stole second, before Thompson hit a single to push McKay to third. Morton struck out two KCC players in one play, but KCC responded by loading the bases and pushing McCrossin home again. Gavin Noreus recorded a single and the Cavs were up by thirteen. King scored to end the inning by expanding the lead to 16-2.

The Panthers did not score in the fourth, as Waller struck out two batters back-to-back and allowed just three bases before securing a third out. After an early out, KCC’s Thompson hit a double and McCrossin had a single to push the score to 17-2.

In the fifth inning, the Cavaliers sent freshman pitcher JJ Calmes to the mound. Morton hit a double, before three batters in a row found themselves out. The score remained unchanged as KCC entered the bottom of the fifth.

King and Noreus each had a single, and Freeman walked to load the bases without any outs immediately into the inning. Coty walked to bring King home, before McKay had a home run that put the Cavaliers up 22-2. KCC ended the inning with a twenty-point lead.

Calmes struck out two batters in the top of sixth, leading the Cavaliers in holding a Morton effort to one run. Noreus had a double and advanced to third after tagging up, but three outs saw the Cavaliers’ first scoreless inning.

The Panthers attempted a comeback in the seventh inning, recording five more runs to close the Cavaliers’ lead to 22-7. It would not be enough to close the large deficit and KCC took the victory.


Stat Book

The Cavaliers improved to 8-9-1 this season and will take on Black Hawk College on the road Wednesday afternoon at 3 pm CST.

King had 3 runs and a walk. Paxton had 3 runs, 3 RBI and a walk. McCrossin added 3 runs, an RBI, and a walk. Coty had 3 runs, 3 RBI and a walk. McKay had 2 runs, 5 RBI (including a home run) and a walk. Thompson had 2 runs and 2 RBI. Freeman recorded 2 runs, 2 RBI and a walk. Suchoski had 2 runs, an RBI, and a walk. Noreus rounded out the scoring for KCC with a run and 2 RBI.