KCC Signing Day Player Profiles

Date: 04/17/2022


Alayna Valone-

Alayna Valone a standout winger at Reed Custer High School will add some speed and creativity on field for the Lady Cavs this upcoming Fall season. Alayna’s pace will cause defensive thirds some trouble and help create scoring opportunities. She adds that creativity factor in the final with her crossing ability with both feet and her finishing! Excited to welcome aboard Alayna Valone.


Scotty Eldridge-

The defense for the Cavaliers is in good hands with incoming freshman Scotty Eldridge. Eldridge brings to the Cavaliers a defensive tenacity that is hard to find. Hard nose for winning 50/50 balls coupled with his smart decision making out of the back, will allow the Cavs to be very dynamic moving forward in the attack.


Samantha Porras-

Very excited to have Samantha Porras joining the Lady Cavs this fall. Samantha was a standout goalie for Southland Striker and Slayers Academy. Samantha brings an amazing work ethic/drive to be the best player she can be. She also brings a fearlessness approach to goalie that will provide as a great anchor to the defense.


Aiyana Lopez- 

The rich keep on getting richer! We are excited to bring on Aiyana Lopez a stand out winger at Kankakee High School! Lopez is bringing to the Lady Cavs a can dot spirit along with her attacking third creativity. Aiyana Lopez final third creativity will be vital for the Lady Cavs this upcoming fall! We are excited to bring on such a talent like Aiyana Lopez.


Mia Robbins-

We are very excited to have Mia Robbins joining the Lady Cavs this upcoming Fall! Mia is a force to be reckon with in the back of the net! She brings an elite level of athleticism to the goalie position! Mia will be a vital part of the Lady Cavaliers!


Jesus Guzman-

Jesus has been a anchor for the Bradley Bourbonnais High school Men’s team, and will bolster the Cavs defense. Jesus has a great soccer IQ, and his size will pose a problem for opposing teams.


Tess Wallace-

The general of the middle field has been appointed! Tess Wallace a dynamic center mid for the BBCHS Boilers over her four years there, will come aboard for the Cavaliers this upcoming Fall! Tess’s decision making with the ball is going to create chaos for the opponent. Tess offensive mindset in setting up teammates for goal scoring opportunities.


Hailey Brady-

Goals are the name of the game! We are excited to add a dynamic goal scorer in Hailey Brady! Hailey has a knack for putting the ball in the back of the net! Hailey is very good in the air and winning headers off corners! She provides great runs into the box giving opportunities to score or her teammates!


Hailey Brooks-

The Lady Cavaliers are happy to welcome Hailey Brooks to the program! Brooks will help anchor the Cavaliers defensive! Hailey’s defensive IQ will help sure things up in the back along with her ability to go forward she poses the opposing team as serious threat!